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Our Story

In 1899, Shri Kunjlal Prasad Ji Agrawal founded M/s Bhajanlal Kunjlal, a spices, nuts, and seasonings trading business in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh. This illustrious journey has been carefully nurtured and carried forward by the next four generations, including his son Late Shri Ram Prasad Ji Agrawal, grandson Late Shri Mahavir Prasad Ji Agrawal, and great-grandson Shri Anil Kumar Ji Agrawal. Through the dedication and hard work of each generation, the brand has grown into the renowned and highly respected name, “Bhajanlal Kunjlal, Heeng Wale, Hathras.” The legacy of trust, quality, and customer satisfaction remains firmly intact, reflecting the values instilled by its founder. Today, under the capable leadership of Shri Anil Kumar Ji Agrawal, the business continues to thrive, honouring the family’s heritage while embracing modernity and innovation. The name “Bhajanlal Kunjlal” is synonymous with excellence and has become a household name known far and wide for its top-notch products.

Who We Are ?

Introducing “BLK Foods,” a trusted brand owned by the esteemed M/s Bhajan Lal Kunj Lal, a renowned family business deeply rooted in Hathras (UP). With a rich heritage spanning five generations, we take pride in preserving our traditional roots while embracing modern techniques to bring you authentic food products. At BLK Foods, we are committed to serving our customers the best quality products, upholding the legacy passed down through the generations. From procurement to packaging, we implement rigorous quality control procedures to ensure excellence in every step of the process. BLK Foods is not just a brand; it’s a testament to our commitment to serving you with products that embody the essence of tradition, flavour, and quality. We thank our loyal customers for their unwavering support and look forward to delighting your taste buds with our authentic offerings for generations to come.

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